Shiri Shah is a creative writer with an academic background in theory in philosophy. She/they use creative writing as a form to create new histories, as

an attempt to uncover erased histories of queer, trans, working-class folks from the South Asian diaspora,

and to reconcile the intersections and construction of her/their identity. Her/their work ranges from autobiographical accounts to magical realism in speculative fiction. 


Her/their work has been featured in Gal-Dem, AZMag, Thiiird, and Nuance, all by and for queer people of colour building community and archiving our existence. She/they are a part of a QTPOC youth collective, DUCKIE, that invites working class QTPOC with no formal arts background to create and perform together.


Currently, Shiri is completing a thesis in Postcolonial Gothic fiction and is investigating the link between "haunted" places, spaces, and trauma. 



“Your responsibilities lie beyond me, beyond yourself. There is a space between who you are and who you will become. Fill it.”


Michelle Cliff, No Telephone To Heaven.

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