In February (LGBT Month) 2017, I set up a black gay men’s writers group in Brixton called ‘Black Gay Ink’. The group was set up to create a safe space to discuss, debate, and express issues through writing.


To date we have hosted two events:


The first, in October 2017, used ‘prose’ to express our thoughts on being black and gay


The second event in February 2018, used ‘playwriting’ to express our thoughts on black gay relationships


We are currently seeking funding for our third event on ‘short films’ in October 2018


“We are living at a time of tremendous societal change for the LGBTQ communities. But there is still an absence of role models, artworks or literature from a Black, British, gay perspective." 


I’m really interested in collaborating with other black gay filmmakers towards all things ‘internet’, and creating new stories from new perspectives

Please contact:



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